a. 32km/hr b. 36km/hr c. 34km/hr d....

a. 32km/hr b. 36km/hr c. 34km/hr d. None of these How many km hour does a man walk who passes through a street 600m long in 5 minutes ? a. 3.6km/hr b.7.2km/hr c. 8km/hr d. None of these 4. What is the length of the bridge which a man riding 15km an hour can cross in 5minutes ?

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dol:) Dis 600 m toanelled in =5 min ( frac{600}{1000} ) im banelled in ( =frac{5}{60} ) hr. ( Rightarrow quad 0.6 ) im toanelled in ( =frac{1}{12} mathrm{Wr} ) ( 80, quad frac{1}{12} w r rightarrow 0.6 mathrm{mm} ) ( Rightarrow quad L h r rightarrow quad O cdot 6 times 12 quad operatorname{cm} ) ( rightarrow 7.21 mathrm{cm} ) 2. If hemce iman walk ( 7.2 mathrm{km} ) in one howe. So, option (b) is correctipl
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