A feather and a stone are released ...

A feather and a stone are released from same height in vacuum under gravity. Which one will reach ground first? (1 Mark] Ans. A feather and a stone will fall at the same time because it is universal Law that al object having same acceleration in gravitational field reach the ground at Same time. 5. Ans. Define acceleration. What is formula of average acceleration ? Acceleration of an object is defined as [1+1 =2 Marks] its rate of change of velocity at that instant. v Average accelesation Change in velocity time interval 6. Ā is making 60° with X-axis, in the first quadrant, then find out components of Ā along x and y-axis? (1+1 = 2 Marks] Ans. Resonance Educating for better tomorrow Reg. & Corp. Office: CG Tower, A-46 & 52, IPIA, Near City Mall, Jhalawar Road, Kota (Raj.)- 324005 Website: www.resonance.ac.in | E-mail: contact@resonance.ac.in PAGE NO.-2 Toll Free: 1800 258 5555 CIN: U80302RJ2007PLC024029

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ons ( cdot ) Componont along ( x ) a in ( =frac{Delta}{2} ) is Component along y a rin ( =frac{sqrt{3} A}{2} ) is
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