A tiger running 100 m race, acceler...

A tiger running 100 m race, accelerates for one third time of the total time and then moves with uniform speed. Then find the total time taken by the tiger to run 100 m if the acceleration of the tiger is 8m/s.

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distance travelled for on thind of totatlime [ begin{array}{l} S_{1}=u t+frac{1}{2} a t^{2} quad u=c S_{0} quad f=frac{1}{2} times 8 timesleft(frac{t}{3}right)^{2} end{array} ] remaining distance with wrifolim velocity [ S_{2}=uleft(frac{2 t}{3}right) quad text { ds we know } v=u+a t ] [ s_{2}=left(frac{a t}{3}right)left(frac{2 t}{3}right) quad v=a v+1 ] total ditang = 100 m becomes unifern [ begin{array}{c} operatorname{sos} frac{4 t^{2}}{9}+frac{2 times 8 t^{2}}{9}=100 4 t^{2}+16 t^{2}=900 2 phi t^{2}=frac{900}{45} Rightarrow t=sqrt{45}=3 sqrt{53} end{array} ]
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