An ideal gas is taken from point A ...

An ideal gas is taken from point A to point C on P-V diagram through two process AOC and ABC as shown in the figure. Process AOC is isothermal (A) Process AOC requires more heat than process ABC. (B) Process ABC requires more heat than process AOC. (C) Both process AOC & ABC require same amount of heat. (D) Data is insufficient for comparison of heat requirement for the two processes. PolB/

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0 worl< done by isothermal ( W=x operatorname{RTJ} log eleft(frac{P+}{P_{1}}right) ) AB 1 isothermal ( A B rightarrow 1 ) so Choric ( M= ) ( B C rightarrow ) 1566aric ( P(D V ) ( D U=operatorname{san} theta ) ( D y=frac{Delta w}{Delta} ) process Aoc Require more heat ther ABC.
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