Atrain is moving along a straight l...

Atrain is moving along a straight line with a constant acceleration 'a'. Aboy standing in the train throws a ball forward with a speed of 10 m/s, at an angle of 60° to the horizontal. The boy has to move forward by 1.15 m inside the train to catch the ball back at the initial height. The acceleration of the train, in m/s', is [JEE-2011] The identical inf omerciu

JEE/Engineering Exams
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An eary anestionshom 117 wrt ( quad a_{text {train }}=a ) orain [ begin{array}{l} quad t_{f}=frac{2 u sin theta}{g}=frac{2 times 10 x int_{3}}{2 x 10}=sqrt{3 sec } pi=1+5=frac{1}{2} x a end{array} ] In train ( operatorname{lom}_{b} operatorname{arct} 1 cdot 15=4 cos theta cdot sqrt{3}-frac{1}{2} a t^{2} ) [ begin{array}{r} 1.15=frac{10.53-3 a}{2} cdot frac{2}{2} 1.15=5 sqrt{3}-1.59 end{array} ] ( Rightarrow quad 1.5 a=7 cdot 5 ) ( Rightarrow a=5 m / s^{2} ) Piz give rating Solved by am ittion
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