belit ' sec" of 20 a mixed with Idm...

belit ' sec" of 20 a mixed with Idm' Idm ster. The decrease in 2.5x10 moleli 2.75x10,1.25x10 1.25x10,3.75*10-4 1 1.25x10,3.75*104 1.25x10^,3.75*10-4 3 of 2M CH3COOH is mixed M ethanol to form ester Th nitial rate if each solution waual volume of water would be 12 times 2) 4 times 3) 0.25times for a reaction, k = 2x10'3 e 30000/RT Whe Togk (y-axis) is plotted against 1 3-axis), slope of line will be...... Cal 30000 -30000 -30000 -30 of 3M eth the initial h solution is diluted with an equal volume es 3)0.25times 4) 0.5 time

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Rate ( =Kleft[C H_{3} cos Hright]left[C_{2} H_{S} O Hright] ) initial ( left(r_{1}right)=k^{*} a^{*} b ) rate ( rightarrow ) concentration become half whin diluted Final ( left(gamma_{2}right)=k^{*} frac{a}{2} * frac{b}{2} ) ( r a t l ) [ frac{r_{2}}{r_{1}}=frac{K d b / 4}{K A B}=frac{1}{4}=0.25 ] Final rate wrel be 0.25 of mihal rate (3) O.25 rimes
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