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De 10 78. 11 we W respectively, then the mnth term is (a) o (B) 1 (C) 2 (d) = 19. Two AM’s Ą and A2, two GM's Gand G, and two HM's Hi and H, are inserted between any two numbers, then H7 +H' is equal to (a) A;' + Azt s em (b) G;' +G; G,G2 (d) A1 2 G ,G2 (a) Only! (c) Both I and II 28. Let a,b,c be i Consider the fol I. a+b+c II. -a/2, b and Which of the at (a) Only ! (C) Both I and II Ag+ A2 A+ A2

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a A ( A_{2} b ) in ( A P Rightarrow a+b=A_{1}+A_{2} ) ( a_{1} G_{2} b operatorname{in} G P Rightarrow quad a b=G_{1} . G_{2} ) ( a ) H ( H_{2} b operatorname{in} H P Rightarrow ) ( frac{1}{H_{1}}-frac{1}{a}=frac{1}{b}-frac{1}{H_{2}} ) ( frac{1}{4}+frac{1}{H_{2}}=frac{1}{b}+frac{1}{a} ) [ H_{1}^{-1}+H_{2}^{-1}=frac{a+b}{a b}=frac{A_{1}+A_{2}}{G_{1} G_{2}} ]
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