es) Ans. (i) - 3 m/s2, (ii) 6 m. ur...

es) Ans. (i) - 3 m/s2, (ii) 6 m. ure shows the time-distance (t - s graphs ars which start simultaneously in the same nitial same 10. B CAR DISTANCE (km) 7. The figure shows of two cars which sta direction. Calculate from the graph: (i) By - 25 how much distance & the car A was ahead of car B initially. YA CAR (ii) Which car is moving faster? What their speeds are? (iii) After how much time TIME t (R and at which place the car B will catch the car A. Ans. (i) 5 km, (ii) car B is moving faster, speed of _ 20/3 km/h, speed of A = 10/3 km/h, (iii) After 15 h car B will catch car A at a distance of 10 km from the starting place. 2 Oo C rot martin

11th - 12th Class
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(i) ( A t quad t=0, quad B ) is ( quad 5 mathrm{km} ) A is okm. So distona bu them ( =5-0=5 mathrm{km} ) (") Slope of ( operatorname{car} B ) is quater So velocity of B is greata (m) As it is clean in dig At ( 1.5 mathrm{h} ). ( B ) cathes ( A )
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