From the oxidation of one molecule ...

From the oxidation of one molecule of palmitic acid (fatty acid), the number of ATP molecules gained as net are (1) 131 (2) 129 (3) 38 (4) 142

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Oxidation of of palmitic acid yields 7 ( mathrm{NADH}+7 mathrm{FADH} 2+8 mathrm{acetyl-CoA} ) in 7 cycles of mitochondrial beta oxidation Every acetyl-CoA yields ( 3 mathrm{NADH}+1 ) FADH2 + 1 GTP (=ATP) during Krebs cycle. Considering an average production of ( 2.5 mathrm{ATP} / mathrm{NADH} ) and 1.5 ATP/FADH2 using the respiratory chain, you have 108 ATP molecules. However, 2 ATP molecules were consumed during the initial activation of Palmitate to Palmitoyl-CoA which is going to be oxidized in the mitochondria. So, net energy output ( =(108-2)=106 ) ATP. Answer 129 ATP is according to old concept and in modern practice, this theoretical yield is not attained. So, practically net ATP gain is 106 ATP. Thanks!
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