LAUKLID molecules are 1. How many m...

LAUKLID molecules are 1. How many moles of atoms are there in one atom ? 2. Calculate the number of moles in (a) 315 g of Mg(HCO3)2 (Mg = 24, C = 12) (b) 3-6 mg of NH3 (N = 14) 3. An unknown gas occupies 322 mL at 29°C and 616 mm. How many molem there in this gas? 4. What is the weight of one millimole of SO2 ? 5. Calculate the weight of 3.491 x 10" molecules of Cly. 6. If one atom of an element X weighs 2.107 X 10g, what is the atomic weight of yo 7. How many atoms of hydrogen are there in 2-57 100 g of hydrogen ? 8. The total population of the world is now believed to be about 4.2 x 109 How many moles of people are this? If you had one sulphur atom for ur atom for each person, what would be the weight of the sulphur sample ?! 9. How many moles, molecules and atoms of phosphorus are contained in 92.93 phosphorus, if the formula of its molecule is 74 ? be about 4.2 x 10° people. 10.0-44 g of a colourless oxide of nitrogen occupies 224 mL at 1520 mm of Hg and 273°C Identify the compound. How much in grammes does one molecule of this compound weigh? 11. From 200 mg of CO2, 1021 molecules are removed. How many moles of CO2 are left ?

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Pustion at atim, phase! ( begin{aligned} text { imole } &=6.022 times 10^{23} text { atoms } therefore & text { I atom has } frac{1}{6.622 times 10^{23}} text { mole } end{aligned} )
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