llle figure given below , find 2 AB...

llle figure given below , find 2 ABD. Also, find LABC, if ZC= 3 Z ABC. B55, und Z ABC 100%A 700D T 4. In the figure given at right, find : (i) Z ACD (ii) Z AED 150 50. 520 B400 5. In the figure given below, find : (ii) y (iii) 2 6. In a triangle, an exterior angle at a vertex is 95º and its one of the in angles is 55°. Find all the angles of the triangle. 7. One of the exterior angles of a triangle is 80° and the interior opposit in the ratio 5:3. Find the angles of the triangle.

11th - 12th Class
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( frac{sin ^{0}left(1^{t}right)}{B^{frac{5}{c}}} ) i) ( angle B A C+angle A B C=angle A C D ) ( 15^{circ}+40^{circ} div angle A C D ) ( therefore quad angle angle A C D=55^{circ} ) in 2 . And ( angle A C D+angle E D C=angle ) ( Rightarrow quad 1^{5^{circ}+52^{circ}}=1^{2} mathrm{AED} )
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