MAT D and 1. In figure 6.130, the s...

MAT D and 1. In figure 6.130, the sides AB and AC of AABC are produced to points D and Eres If bisectors BP and CP of ZCBD and ZBCE respectively meet at point P, then find respective LINES AND 20. In figure 6 620 2. In figure P FIGURE 6.130

11th - 12th Class
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Produied do point D and E respectively 8 BP b ised ( +infty ) angle ( angle angle B D ) y ( angle B C F ) then we have to ( F ) ( Rightarrow mid x+y=11 ) Fince ( B P & C P ) the ( angle C B D & angle B ) then, [ begin{array}{r} angle C B P=angle P B D B angle B C P=angle P C E end{array} ] form Figure [ begin{array}{l} x+2left(B P+angle P B D=180^{circ}right. Rightarrow A+a+a=180^{circ} Rightarrow quad x+2 a=180^{circ} rightarrow 7+angle B C P+angle P C E=180^{circ} Rightarrow y+2 b=180^{circ} rightarrow 6 end{array} ] Adding (2) ( p(3) ) we get ( x+2 a+y+2 b=180^{circ}+180^{circ} )
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