Mathmatics Assignment VERY SHORT AN...

Mathmatics Assignment VERY SHORT ANSER TYPE QUESTIONS 1. Write the nature of the product:- (5-216) (5 + 2/6) 2. Find the value of V216 - 125 3. What is the x-coordinate of any point on the y-axis? 4. Length of a rectangular field is 15 m and diagonal is of length 17m.Find its area and perimeter. 5. Find the area of equilateral triangle whose perimeter is 18 cm. SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS: 1. Find 5 rational numbers between 3/4 and 4/5. 2. Simplify and find the value of (21) x (21) 3. Draw a quadrilateral whose vertices are (3,2).(2,3).(-4,5) and (5-3) 4. The semi-perimeter of a triangular ground is 450 units and its sides are in the ratio 3:5:4.Using Heron's formula 5. find the area of ground. 6. Find the area of a quadrilateral ABCD, where AB=7cm,DA=15 cm, AC=9cm, BC=6cm and CD=12 cm LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTION: 1. Simplify: (3 + V11) + (3 - V11)2 2. Plot V8.5 on number line. 3. Three vertices of a rectangle ABCD are A(3,2), B(-4,2) and C(-4,5). Plot these points in the Cartesian plane and find the fourth vertex. 4. An umbrella is made by stitching 10 triangular pieces of cloth, each measuring 60 cm, 60 cm and 20 cm. Find the area of the cloth required for the umbrella. The sides of a quadrilateral ABCD are AB=13 cm, BC=16 cm,CD=20 cm and DA=5 cm If BD = 12 cm, find the area of the quadrilateral using Heron's formula.

11th - 12th Class
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( (3+sqrt{11})^{2}+(3-sqrt{11})^{2} ) ( 9+11+6 sqrt{11}+9+11-6 sqrt{10} ) ( 40 mathrm{Ars} )
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