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new substance is when painted do not runt 6. During a physical change, new sub in the blanks 1 Dissolving salt in water is a che Axigas turns lime water 3. The chemical name of Baking soda is the browning of cut apples is due to .. 5. The process of depositing ing soda is Nam is cont. due to h Zinc layer on an iro Write short answers: 1. What is the basic difference between physi 2. What are the two essential requirements for 3. Explain why Iron gates are painted? 4. Why does Carbon dioxide turn lime water milky 5. What is crystallization? etween physical and chemicalche uirements for rusting? ive the characteristics of a chemical Vinegar, bubbles are formed. E Answer the following questions: 1. What is a chemical change? Give the characteristics 2. When Baking soda is mixed with Vinegar, bubbles are of change.Write the reactions involved. 3. What is rusting of Iron? Suggest two ways by whichit can 4. Explain why cutting of potato and frying of potato are conside types of changes. mail is added to an acidited s

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1.) Pysical cherrical ch angs i) It is a a (i) It is irreversible reversible process process. ül It refer 8 to ( mid ) is In cheroical change Change in which the substances transporm the mateules are 10 new substences rearranged byt ( quad ) haring different their cossposinion remins same ext freezing of water ( int e x y ) fipening of fruirs ( 2>rightarrow+infty ) alveronents tor oulting is presence of water iis presence of oxygen ( 3 cdot>rightarrow ) To prevent it from rasting. ( 4:>Leftrightarrow C_{2} ) turnp lime water milky due to formateon of insoluble calciumCarbunak (cacol) ( 5 cdot 1 rightarrow ) crystallization is the processby which a solid forms, where the atom 8 . or mokeceles are highly orgenized into a structure known as crystal.
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