Number of particles is given by n=-...

Number of particles is given by n=- D y crossing a unit area perpendicular to X-axis in unit time, where n, Xz - X, and n, are number of particles per unit volume for the value of x meant to X2 and X4. Fine dimensions of D called as diffusion constant MOLT-3 ( 021-1

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m. Sccondeng to the question hane [ N=-0 quadleft(frac{n_{2}-n_{1}}{x_{2}-x_{1}}right) ] ( therefore quad N=frac{1}{m^{2} s} ) Demensional fommla of ( N^{prime}=left[L^{-2} T^{-1}right] ) ( rightarrow ) foumine of ( n_{1} ) and ( n_{2}=frac{1}{L^{3}}=left[L^{-3}right] ) ( rightarrow ) formula of ( x_{1} ) and ( x_{2}=left(L^{prime}right) ) Row, wrill sulusitute the values (DF's) miskem fommla/ eq ( ^{n} ) guien in the question [ begin{array}{l} frac{Nleft[x_{2}-x_{1}right]}{n_{2}-n_{1}}=0 frac{left.left[L^{-2} T^{-1}right]{L}^{prime}^{prime}right]=0}{left[L^{-3}right]}=0 {left[frac{L^{-1} T^{-1}}{L^{-3}}right]=0} end{array} ] the dimerswinal fommber ( D=left[M^{0} L^{2} T^{-1}right] )
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