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P X TAdv) GZP: 2102, GZ 2100 16 2012, 223 SECTION - III integer Answer Type rations. The answer to each of the questions This section contains 5 questions. The answer to each o anaine from 0 to 9. The appropri u obis below the respect dicit integer, ranging from 0 to 9. The appropriate bubble For example, if the correc question numbers in the ORS have to be darkened vy. Z and w ay) are 6.0.9 and 2, respect ay) are answers to question numbers X, Y, zand w he following: then the correct darkening of bubbles WIR JOok like the follow 56. Let the sum to infinity of a decreasing G.P. With the common ratio x such that 696&OOS 0 < x < 1 be S. If the ratio of the fourth term to the second term is to and the ratio is of third term to the square of the second term is 1 then the value of 57. to an find the value If the set of all real values of x satisfying the inequality |x2 - 3x - 11 < 13x2 + 2x + 11 + 12x + 5x + 2 is (-0, -a) u (b.), then find the (Slo) ) of a + log (ab). . then the value of log2N IS Ons = 81log, 93 loga 3 ore 09267- (125)09, If N = 58. 409 59. the number of integral solutions of the inequality 3-x>3 11- x2 be'a' and that of the -14.7%-1 + 2.7* = 48 be 'b', then the value of a + bis equation 7x+2 60. elano Suppose that all the terms of an arithmetic progression are natural numbers. m the sum of the first seven terms to the sum of the first eleven terms is 6:11 and the seventh term lies in between 130 and 140, then the common difference of this A.P.is Space for rough work SUBJECT PHYSICS FINAL VERFER PROOF READER MR. KUMAR PRAVEEN (P-K®) PAPER SETTER MR. (P-ARJ) MR. BINOD KUMAR (P-BS) MR. ANSHU KUMAR (M-ANK) MR. HARSH KUMAR (M-HR) MR. RISH KUMARIC-RXO MR.MK SUMAN (M-MKS) MR. DHIRAJ KUMAR (C-DHK) MR. RISHI KUMAR (C-RK) MATHEMATICS ouver ALCHEMISTRY Mentors Edusert Mentors Eduserv: Parus Lok Complex, Boring Road Crossi Helpline No.: 9569668800 | 7544015993/4/6

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