PC1, 6H20 can exist as a hydrated c...

PC1, 6H20 can exist as a hydrated complex. Its 1 molal ag solution has depression in freezing point of 3.72. Assume 100% ionization. The correct representation of complex is: (K = 1.86 °C/molal) A [Pt(H20)6]014 B [PI(H20)3C13]C1-3H20 C [Pt(H20) C12]C12-2H20 D [Pt(H20),C14]- 4H20

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( Delta T_{f}=i k f r ) [ begin{array}{c} 3 cdot 72=i cdot 1 cdot 86 cdot 1 i=2 end{array} ] ( 100+1 ) isnization memp dogree of dissociation is 2 [ begin{array}{l} alpha^{prime}=1 alpha=frac{i-1}{n-1} 1=frac{2-1}{n-1} end{array} ] ( [infty=2] cdot .07 .8 ) the number of iong given by coosplex on dissociation in ( mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{O} ). So, the Cossplen is [ left[p+c l_{3}left(H_{2} Oright)_{3}right] c l cdot 3 h_{2} omega rightarrowleft[P t c_{3}(M, 0)_{3}right] ] Hence the the correct representrition of 5 complex iss [ left[P t c l_{3}left(H_{2} Oright)_{3}right] C l cdot 3 h_{2} 0 ] OPHon (B) is correct
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