product of the following reaction s...

product of the following reaction sequence is (ADV-2016) e major product (i)HCHO (excess)/NaOH, heat (ii) HCHO/H (catalytic amount) b) 0 0 OH d) 0 OH HO OH

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When Acetaldehyde is treated with excess formaldehyde in presence of ( mathrm{Ca}(mathrm{OH}), ) crossed aldol condensation watimue( 3 times) until trihydroxy methyl acetaldehyde ( [(mathrm{HOCH},), mathrm{C} mathrm{CHO}] ) is formed. The latter having no ( alpha- ) hydrogen undergoes crossed cannizzaros' reaction to form penta erithritol. [ begin{array}{rl} mathrm{CH}, mathrm{CHO}+mathrm{HCHO} frac{(1) mathrm{OH}}{(2) mathrm{H}, mathrm{O}}+mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{C} & mathrm{OH} frac{(1) mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{O}(2) mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{O}(3) mathrm{H}_{2} mathrm{O}}{mathrm{Twice}}left(mathrm{HOCH}_{2}right)_{3} mathrm{CCHO} mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{CHO} & end{array} ] ( left(mathrm{HOCH}_{2}right)_{3} mathrm{CCHO}+mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{O} frac{mathrm{OH}}{text { Crossed Connizaro's }}>left(mathrm{HOCH}_{2}right)_{4} mathrm{C}+mathrm{HCOO} ) reaction Penta erithritol if ( mathrm{CH}, mathrm{COCH}, ) is taken in place of ( mathrm{CH}_{3} mathrm{CHO} ) and formaldehyde is taken in excess in presence of a base ( (bar{O} H) ) the final product is ( left(mathrm{HOCH}_{2}right)_{3} mathrm{C} . mathrm{C}left(mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{OH}right)_{3} ) ( mathrm{CH}_{3} mathrm{COCH}_{3}+mathrm{HCHO} stackrel{ominus}{mathrm{OH}} rightarrowleft(mathrm{HOCH}_{2}right)_{3} mathrm{CCO} cdot mathrm{C}left(mathrm{CH}_{2} mathrm{OH}right)_{3} )
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