PUTUS DIT V 1113 D-4. An aeroplane ...

PUTUS DIT V 1113 D-4. An aeroplane has to go along straight line from A to B, and back again. The relative speed with respect to wind is V. The wind blows perpendicular to line AB with speed u. The distance between A and B is e. The total time for the round trip is : 2V v2_0? V2-02 20 B 200 2 (A) VV212 2

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( D-4 ) 70 mous along AB, Net velocity is along AB. ( Rightarrow v=v sin theta rightarrow(1) ) tims to cross from ( A ) to ( B ) - [ t=frac{A B}{V C O B O}=frac{l}{V cos theta} ] from ( (1) quad operatorname{din} theta=frac{v}{V} Rightarrow cos theta=sqrt{1-frac{v^{2}}{V^{2}}} ) [ cos theta=frac{sqrt{V^{2}-k^{2}}}{V} ] ( Rightarrow quad t=frac{l}{sqrt{V^{2}-v^{2}}} ) for Round trip ( -left[t^{prime}=2 t=frac{2 ell}{sqrt{V^{2}-v^{2}}}right] )
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