Q10 Q12 At what point does line rep...

Q10 Q12 At what point does line represented by the equation 8x + 4y = - 4. intersects a line which is parallel to the y-axis, and at a distance 3 units from the origin and in the negative direction of x-axis. In the graph of the linear equation 3x + 5y = 14, there is a point such that its ordinate is one third of abscissa. Find coordinates of the point. Find the equation of straight line which is parallel to x-axis, and is at a distance of d from x-axis. Shade the triangle formed by the graphs of 2x - y = 4, x+y=2 and the y-axis. Write the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle. The Auto fare in a city is as follows: For the first 2 Km, it is $25 and for the subsequent distance it is 10/Km. Taking the total distance covered as x Km and the total fare as '*y, write a linear equation for this information. Also calculate the total fare that a customer will have to pay for covering a distance of 20 Km. The weight of a father is three times the weight of his son. Write an equation in two variables for this situation and also draw the graph of the obtained equation. Solve the equation 2x + 1 = x-3, and represent the solution(s) on the (i) Number line (ii) Cartesian Plane Q14 Q15 Q16

11th - 12th Class
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( + ) 101 ( mathbf{N} ) ( 8 x+4 y=-4 ) N ( x=-3 ) -10
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