Qe on co hat basis does the bond ge...

Qe on co hat basis does the bond gets pulled towards an atom in the structure of a compound & what is the reason? os

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The difference in the Electionegativity betweent The two borded atoms makes the borid polous (ies the direction / puld of est in mole twourds the atom writh greater Electronegotinity (according to firus Panding Who has densed the "Pauling scale" define Eletionegathity delative to atorn for ( e x !-operatorname{in} ) the ( 0^{circ}-left(4^{circ} mathrm{H}^{+} text {bond } 0^{prime} ) batrog right. mole electionegatine than "H' attacte the a shard fail of ( e^{-1} ) towards itsey didecting the bond dipole moment veeted towald? Itself. Dipole moment shows the directurra of etor pulled focoards the rowec elederongenture atom. [ delta-quad delta+ ] ( therefore ) ( 0 leftarrow 4 ) Her the mole exee moke electionegathre eledtor domity negative chasge ative atome attains a neal pacthal poitine chouge
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