Single Choice A solution of A and B...

Single Choice A solution of A and B shows positive deviation from Raoult's law, which of the following statement is true for the solution : 1. III. AV mix >0 AH mix >0 II IV. AG mix < 0 Smix > 0 A land III only B I, II and III only C I, II, III and IV D I, III and IV only

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is positive i) The volume of raixing that is ( triangle operatorname{Vrol} x>0 ) as the Wolume expanols on the dicsolution of components of arap B heat absorbed to form reno molecular interoction is less than the heat feleased orn breating of original roolecular interaction iv) ( triangle sin x>0 quad ) entropy will increase due to heat trans for. correct opsion ( i beta quad(D) )
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