SP-WB(1)-CH(AS)(A)-9 +2 The first i...

SP-WB(1)-CH(AS)(A)-9 +2 The first ionization energy of H and He are 13.6 eV and 24.6 eV respectively. How much energy would be given out during the formation of ground state of He atom from He" nucleus if it combines with two electrons. m=3 - no 1188 + Consider the following two electronic transition possibilities in a hydrogen atom : In Glamod with tho nyt transition

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( H longrightarrow H+e^{-} I E_{1}=13 cdot 36 mathrm{eV} ) ( mathrm{He} rightarrow mathrm{ne}^{+}+mathrm{e}^{-} quad mathrm{IE}-1=24.6 mathrm{eV} ) Whe have fo determine values of [ begin{array}{l} H e^{2}+t e^{-} rightarrow H_{R}+Delta H=a H e^{+}+e^{-} rightarrow k e quad A H=b end{array} ] changl The onerall evergy can be witten as : ( therefore ) Total energy grien [ begin{array}{l} =a^{0}+b^{0} =[-53 cdot 44+(-24 cdot 6)] e v =78 cdot 04 times V end{array} ]
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