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Tuyucu u Dusupuve Questions hod mo 1. A copper wire is held at the two ends by rigid supports. At 30°C, the wire is just taut, with negligible tension. Find the speed of transverse waves in this wire at 10°C. Given : Young modulus of copper = 1.3 x 10' N/m?. Coefficient of linear expansion of copper = 1.7 x 10-5°C-! Density of copper = 9x 10 kg/m. (1979, 4M) 2. A source of sound of frequency 256 Hz is moving rapidly

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1. Tension due to thermal stresses, [ begin{array}{l} T=Y A alpha cdot Delta theta v=sqrt{frac{T}{mu}} end{array} ] Here, ( mu= ) mass per unit length. [ =rho A ] [ therefore quad v=sqrt{frac{T}{rho A}}=sqrt{frac{Y A alpha cdot Delta theta}{rho A}}=sqrt{frac{Y alpha Delta theta}{rho}} ] Substituting the values we have, [ v=sqrt{frac{1.3 times 10^{11} times 1.7 times 10^{-5} times 20}{9 times 10^{3}}}=70.1 mathrm{m} / mathrm{s} ]
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