Two flask of equal volume connected...

Two flask of equal volume connected by narrow tube (of negligible volume) are at 27°C and contains 0.7 moles of H2 at 0.5 atm. One of the flask is then immersed in a bath kept at 127°C, while the other remains at 27°C. Calculate the final pressure and the number of moles of H2 in each flask.

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No. of moles worlld be equal in 2 flosk 1. ( e .0 cdot 35 ) Im ene murnberof moles would de rease ondether (twould oncriess ) let unorededers but pressure will remounconslont ( e x ) [ begin{array}{c} P B=P_{A} frac{M_{B} R T}{V}=frac{M_{A} R T}{V} (0.3 S+x) 300=(0.35-x) 400 end{array} ] Tru sessel ( A ) [ P_{1}=m_{1} R T ] [ begin{array}{r} P_{2}=m_{2} R T frac{P_{1}}{P_{2}}=frac{m_{+}}{n_{2}} frac{0 cdot 05}{P_{2}}=frac{0 cdot 35}{0-4} P_{2}=frac{4}{7} a sqrt{m} end{array} ]
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