Two flasks A and B have equal volum...

Two flasks A and B have equal volumes. Flask A containing H2 gas is maintained at 300 K while B containing an equal mass of C2H6 gas is maintained at 900 K. Assuming ideal behaviour for both the gases, identify the correct statement(s): (A) Molecules in flask A are moving 5 times as fast as the molecules in flask B. (B) Kinetic energy per mole in the flask B is 3 times the kinetic energy per mole in flask A (C) Total kinetic energy in flask A is 5 times total kinetic energy in flask B (D) Compressibility factor of the gas in flask A is equal to that of the gas in flask B.

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( P V=h R ) same volume in beth flasce 80 Pressure is moxe whan speed of gases is more ( (because, 5 y ) definition of pressuse) a the ( frac{f_{A}}{sqrt{g}}=frac{y R T}{B} ) ( frac{P_{A}}{P_{B}=frac{M_{A} R T_{A}}{V_{A}}}{frac{M_{B} R+1}{V_{B}}} ) [ frac{P_{A}}{P_{B}}=frac{2+R times 30,6}{frac{22 times R times 90033}{3810}}{mid P_{A}=frac{ P}{10} 10 P_{B}} ] K. ( epsilon ) Per mole ( =frac{1}{2} k T ) ( frac{K cdot epsilon_{A}}{K E_{B}}=frac{frac{1}{2} / F T A}{x}=F_{B} ) ( frac{K cdot G_{A}}{K_{C} G_{B}}=frac{380}{9003} ) [ 3 K cdot E_{A}=K cdot E_{B} ]
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