Two short dipoles, each of dipole m...

Two short dipoles, each of dipole moment p, are placed at origin. The dipole moment of one dipole is along x-axis, while that of other is along y-axis. The electric field at a point (a, 0) is given by 13) 1 V5p 4TTEO (4) Zero

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[ begin{array}{l} 76 times 0.082 20+20=27 times x end{array} ] Eloctrie filla at a four on the axus far a shout disolel nuoment of a dustance ( a^{prime}=frac{2 k p}{a^{3}} ) Flactrice fillo at an equalorial point for a that dipide moment at a dist. ( a=1-frac{k p}{a^{3}} ) ( therefore ) Resultant Fleet aic field ( =2 frac{R P_{i}}{a^{3}}-frac{K p}{a^{3}} dot{j} ) [ begin{aligned} &=sqrt{left(frac{2 times P}{a^{3}}right)^{3}+left(frac{-K P}{a^{3}}right)^{2}} &=frac{sqrt{5} frac{K P}{a^{3}}}{left(4 pi varepsilon_{0}right) frac{sqrt{5} P}{a^{3}}} end{aligned} ]
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