Very short answer questions: 1. Nam...

Very short answer questions: 1. Name the processes by which CO, and H,O move into and out of the cell. 2. Name the organelle which has membrane bound cell filled with powerful digestive enzymes. Write its anyone function in the cells. 3. Name the cell organelle other than mitochondria that has its own DNA and ribosome. 4. Name the plastid which stores starch, oils and protein granules. 5. Why do egg shells dissolve in dilute hydrochloric acid? 6. Bacteria do not have chloroplast but some bacterias are photoautotrophic in nature and perform photosynthesis. Which part of bacterial cell performs this?

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13 102 moveb in 8 out of the cell by a process called diffusion. 420 moves in or out of the cell by a procteds couled osmosis. IThe orgaredle is lysosomes. Jhey are membrare - bound vesicles that writain digestime engymes like acid hydrolase. Thuy are called as "suicide-bagy of cells: Thy digest macromolecules by phagouytosis, endouytosis re autophagy Thuy also participate in auto cell lysis. 3 The ewla crugotic cell org arelles that possess their own DNA B ribosomed. other than mituchordria. Is chloroplast. (4) ( operatorname{Lemcoplasts} ) are cell structureb surrounded by a layer of tissue in plant cell iney store starch, oil 8 protein grarnules. (5) The wmpo rent of egg shell is made up of calcium carborate which reacts with ( 4 mathrm{cL} ) to jorm ( operatorname{cog} 1420 ), CaCL2 B heat as: ( operatorname{cacos}+H c L rightarrow operatorname{cac} L_{2}+H_{2} 0+cos +operatorname{seat} ) Ge Plants do the photosynthebis with the help of chlorophyll. Bacteria also writain a similar winpound called bacterio chabrophyll, which allows the bacteria to perlocm photosynthesis fa food.
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