W 1.7 XIV Joule 111. (a) 7.22X10 Ju...

W 1.7 XIV Joule 111. (a) 7.22X10 June (c) 2.88 x 10 Joule (d) 5.76 x 10- Joule 106. There is a horizontal film of soap solution. On it a thread Vis placed in the form of a loop. The film is pierced inside the loop and the thread becomes a circular loop of radius R. If the surface tension of the loop be T, then what will be the tension in the thread? (a) TR?IT ( 027RT (d) 2RT 107 A larme number of water drons each of radius r combine (b) TRT

NEET/Medical Exams
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Suppose tension in thread is ( F ) then for small part ( Delta l ) of thread [ Delta l=R theta text { and } ] ( 2 F sin theta / 2=2 T Delta l=2 T R theta ) ( Rightarrow F=frac{T R theta}{sin theta / 2}=frac{T R theta}{theta / 2}=2 T R )
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