what is a covalent compound (liket,...

what is a covalent compound (liket,

11th - 12th Class
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Covalent compounds are the ones having strong intra-molecular bonds. This is because the atoms within the covalent molecules are very tightly held together. Each molecule is indeed quite separate and the force of attraction between the individual molecules in a covalent compound tends to be weak. We require very little energy in separating the molecules. This is because of the attractive forces between the molecules with the absence of overall electric charge. Covalent compounds are usually gaseous molecules at room temperature and pressure. They might also be liquids with low relatively low boiling points. These characteristics could be attributed to their weak intermolecular forces which hold these atoms together. However, we also have a lot of solid covalent compounds. They have low melting points. However, it is interesting to note that a small number of these have a completely different structure. They form huge structures where a huge number of atoms are held together. This is possible due to the presence of shared electrons.
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