RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 17 Solutions (Combinations)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 17 Combinations are well designed for the students going to appear in the Central Board of Secondary Education. In this chapter of combinations, there are 82 questions divided into four exercises. We shall learn about the techniques of making the various combinations and related problems where they will be used, making appropriate selection of the combinations.

These questions are scoring in nature, helping you to gain good marks quickly. The in-depth knowledge of this chapter allows you to make your basics more clear, as there is a possibility of 10-15 marks questions in the CBSE exam. Also, the students appearing in ICSE, any state board examination, JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, CAT entrance came across these types of questions.

RD Sharma Solutions are very helpful as they provide extensive knowledge about every concept. You can refer to these solutions when you are stuck with any question. This will not only help you in the current subject but upgrade your overall understanding of arithmetics which will prove to be of immense importance for laying down the foundation for other subjects as well.

Topics Covered in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 17 Combinations


  • Selection of all or part of a given set of things, without considering the order in which they are selected. There can be ‘n ‘orders of things.
  • In this chapter, you will learn about the combinations with/without repetitions.
  • Any M combination of a set K is a subset of M element of K, so the possible combinations with this example using the factorial method :

 Where the set has n’ elements

         The total number of M combinations = binomial coefficient.

         N! / M! (N-m)! , where 0 ≤ m≤ n

  • Properties of combinations
  • The practical question for selection on combinations
  • There are certain topics on the mixture of permutation and combination.

Certain other topics include:

  • The number of selections from 0 to objects from n’ things
  • The combination of n things taken at a particular time which allows repetition
  • The various ways of distributing n’ same things among the given number of people so that everyone at least gets one.
  • The various ways of distributing n’ the same things among the given number of people so that each could get one or more than one.
  • The various ways of selecting the few/ all of n’ objects at one time.

Arrangement of things for one or different types of objects can be placed in a row so that n’ number of second things can be put together, arrangements in ways so that no other two sets of objects could be placed together, arrangements ways so that one and n’ type of another thing can be placed in a circle so that no second type of any to things could be placed together.

Discussion of Exercises of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 11

  •  There are 27 questions in the first exercise that asks for the simple applications of the basic formula of combination. it will help you go through the applications of properties with the basic questions
  • In the second exercise, there are questions related to asking you to find the number of ways for a particular selection of objects or the number of ways any objects can be placed with or without rearing them.
  • The very common type of question asked in such questions are related to committees, pack of cards, number of committees, the pairing of teams, etc. this  includes 33 questions in total
  • The third exercise includes 11 questions. These questions are based on the total number of ways/selections made on different letters and vowels. Generally, these types of questions are very common in competitive examinations which check the aptitude of the candidate.
  • The last exercise includes 11 questions, based on the mixture of the application of permutation and combinations problems.
  • These questions need a good hand in permutation questions as well.
  • The basic knowledge about functions, geometry, prime factors, integral Solutions, the sum of digits, arrangements, and rearrangements, selection has to be there for the proper understanding of this chapter.

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