RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 18 Solutions (Binomial Theorem)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 18 – Binomial Theorem are prepared in a manner that gives you in-depth knowledge of binomial theorem and how to apply it to solve various other problems. Any algebraic expression that contains two terms is known as a binomial expression. We will only be using this expression in this chapter of RD Sharma Solutions for a better understanding. 

The Binomial Theorem tells us that for any positive integer n, the nth power of any two constant terms a and b can also be written as the sum of n+1 terms. The coefficients of all the terms in the expansion can also be found in an array, which is known as Pascal’s triangle. The application part of the chapter needs to be learned thoroughly. 

This chapter will help you learn all the basic to severe levels of operations using binomial theorem with the help of 2 well-designed exercises. These exercises comprise 25 questions, with some questions having 5-10 sub-parts as well. RD Sharma Solutions for Chapter 18 – Binomial Theorem are well thought to make you well-prepared for any variation in the given topic. Upon completion of all the exercises, and after going through the answer, you will feel confident enough to face any question from this chapter.

Topics Covered in RD Sharma for Class 11 Maths Chapter 18 Binomial Theorem

The main topic that is covered in this chapter is the use of binomial theorem on various types of questions. For this to go smoothly, many other topics are explained as well, like the binomial theorem for a positive integral index. The expansion of an equation using the binomial theorem has many subtle things to be remembered all the time. 

For this, the general term and the middle term in a binomial expression are discussed as well. Towards the end, some of the necessary conclusions from the binomial theorem is mentioned. This is to help you reach the answer quickly. All these conclusions must be appropriately learned before attempting any question of the binomial theorem.

The main formula of binomial theorem is :

This is the most basic rule of binomial theorem but will always come in handy even for questions with higher difficulty levels. This formula is again explained with natural language and many more examples. The exercise is made to clear concepts more thoroughly and will help you in exams like JEE Main and JEE Advance. 

But for that, you need to go through every solution of RD Sharma. This chapter is straightforward once you start using all the formulas in the right places. It will help you score easy marks in exams. The proper application of those formulas is also an important thing to keep in mind, and solutions provided by InstaSolv will help you clear that completely.

Discussion of Exercise of RD Sharma Solutions for Chapter 18 – Binomial Theorem

  • This chapter consists of 2 dedicated exercises for learning all the concepts of the binomial theorem. The total number of questions in the exercise is 25. Some questions have 5-10 sub-parts to make you thorough with your practising skills.
  • The first exercise focuses on using the binomial theorem for the expansion of some small functions of one or two degrees along with some questions with under-root function as well. Still, most of them can be simplified using identities. There are some questions to test the divisibility of an equation with a constant, which is one of the applications of the binomial theorem.
  • The second exercise works on finding the specific term in the expansion using the binomial theorem. Some other questions are on finding the coefficient of particular terms in the expansion. Towards the end, there are questions on finding the middle and some questions with higher difficulty levels of previous concepts.
  • The level of questions in each exercise is raised systematically. This way, you will be ready for any level of problem in the CBSE exams. It requires core knowledge of all the concepts as well as formulas and identities of this theorem. It is always advised by experts to refer to RD Sharma Solutions for chapter 18 as they provide an in-depth understanding of all the concepts. 

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