RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 23 Solutions (The Straight Lines)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 23 ‘The Straight Lines’ will provide you all the insights into the chapter and its essential topics. These solutions are provided most easily so that one can learn effectively and efficiently. We have provided exercise-wise RD Sharma Solutions for the chapter that will solve all your doubts in minutes. 

The main concepts discussed in RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 23 are straight lines and their properties on the cartesian plane. The various aspects of the lines, such as the slope of the line, the angle between two lines, multiple forms of lines, the distance between lines are discussed in this chapter. RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions for Maths Chapter 23 provides detailed solutions and explanations for every topic and questions this chapter. 

This chapter is divided into 19 exercises, with each exercise focussing on just one concept. The total number of questions, including all the exercises, is 137, with many of them carrying 4-5 sub-parts. This chapter will mark the beginning of some new concepts in maths like the circle, the parabola, and the whole family of the cartesian plane. As we go through the exercises and the solutions, you will realize it is not that difficult all along.

Topics covered in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 23 – The straight lines

In this chapter, you will learn various concepts of straight lines. But first, let us look at the basics. What is a straight line? There are many more parts of a straight line that makes it much more enjoyable. The slope of the line is the angle formed by the line from the x-axis. It is denoted by tan Θ. There could be more than one straight line in any given plane. Such consecutive lines make an angle between themselves, and it is known as the angle between two intersecting lines. 

Another critical topic is different ways of writing the equation of a straight line. There are four ways of doing it. Slope-point form, 2-point form, Slope-intercept form, and Intercept form. Each one has a dedicated formula and requires different things to complete the line equation. The idea to catch here is that every type will give the same equation of a given line. 

Then, there comes the distance between lines and distance between a point and a line. Each one can be directly calculated just by putting the relevant formula. Initially, this chapter may seem quite tricky, but Instasolv has provided a dedicated answer to each problem. Once you complete each exercise, this chapter will be on your tips and you will be able to solve any question related to this chapter. 

Discussion of Exercises of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 23 – The Straight Lines

  • This chapter is divided into 19 well thought and discussed exercises. With each exercise, you will get more and more knowledge of the straight lines and its various concepts.
  • The first-seven exercises mainly focus on just building the equation of the line while changing the other values in each question from slope, points, and intercepts. This will help you understand how to form the equation of a line given in any condition.
  • The next three exercises focus on calculating the distance between lines and axes, a point and a line, and between parallel lines.
  • Exercise 11 is just focussing on concept building as it has questions that are to be proven theoretically
  • The next few exercises deal with finding the angle between the lines.
  • Exercises 14 to 19 are a mix of all the above problems with a higher level of difficulty.
  • These exercises will not only help in CBSE exams but will also make you well prepared for other competitive exams like IIT JEE, Mains, and Advance. 
  • Some questions in these exercises are a mere repetition of previous formulas. They are well put there repetitively so that you may become well versed with the method. 
  • The one thing that is seen more often among students is that they tend to overlap one formula with the other as there are many formulas. To get over this obstacle, the various exercises will make you master those formulas.

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