RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 25 Solutions (Parabola)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 25 ‘Parabola’ are designed in such a manner that will give a deeper understanding of the concept. Some parts of maths just work theoretically like complex numbers. Parabola is also one of those concepts. Even though you may never see the use of parabola in real life, it has a vast number of practical applications in our day to day life. It is by far an easy topic to understand and score in exams. So a deeper understanding of the topic by RD Sharma Solutions is an utmost requirement.

Once you will go through RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter 25, you will see the different aspects of a parabola and how it is divided into various smaller sections to make you better understand the whole of it. The topics covered in this chapter will make your concepts about the parabola crystal clear. This chapter consists of only 1 exercise with 8 main questions. These questions are again further divided into subparts to provide you with a deeper understanding and practice. 

RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions for Maths Chapter 25 ‘Parabola’ are specifically designed to make you understand the concept of the parabola in the simplest possible way. This will help you in all levels of competitive exams. It is because of the fact that the topic parabola essentially consists of only these parts as discussed in the chapter. Instasolv has tried to make this learning as easy and informative as possible.

Topics covered in RD Sharma for Class 11 Maths Chapter 25 – Parabola

In RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter 25, you will first understand what is a parabola? The definition is quite simple in its own terms and can be learned easily. The standard equation of the parabola is discussed after that. After this, the main sections of the parabola are discussed and worked upon. This ranges from the latus rectum of a parabola to focal chords and focal distance. 

Other important things discussed are parametric coordinates of the parabola, the general equation of the parabola, tangents and normal to the parabola. At the end of the chapter, all the important properties of the parabola are mentioned. These properties will come in handy to get the solutions quickly to some of the problems. There are certain shortcuts and tricks hidden in these properties that once learned will always be beneficial till the end.

RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 25 is very easy when studied thoroughly while solving the problems simultaneously. The things that will turn out to be of utmost importance while solving the problems will be knowledge of vertex, focus, equation of directrix, equation of axis and tangent to the vertex. Once the formulas of these terms are clear in your head there is no stopping from solving parabola questions in exams. 

Discussion of Exercise of RD Sharma  for Class 11 Maths Chapter 25 – Parabola

  • This chapter consists of only one dedicated exercise which covers all the topics of the parabola. The exercise is divided into 8 main questions with each question carrying their own subparts. 
  • The first 3 questions focus on finding the equation of parabola while stating one or more among focus and directrix, or focus and vertex. There are 4-5 subparts for each question.
  • RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 25 – Parabola provides you answers to every question in the book. This will make you well versed in finding the equation in any given condition. 
  • The next few questions are a turnaround of these questions. In these questions, the equation of the parabola will be given while you have to identify the vertex, focus, axis, directrix and latus rectum. It has 5 sub-parts to it. 
  • The last 3 questions focus on finding the area covered by a parabola and also cover the application part of it. There are no subparts to these questions. 
  • Upon completing all the questions of this exercise of RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Chapter 25, Parabola will certainly become one of the easiest and scoring topics in your exams. Just follow the exercise and take the help of the RD Sharma Solutions. 

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