RD Sharma Class 11 Chapter 29 Solutions (Limits)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 29 ‘Limits’ is prepared in a manner that gives you in-depth knowledge of limits and how to use them. This chapter is significant in the sense that it will be useful throughout other sections like derivation and integration. This chapter is the starting point of much higher concepts to be dealt with integration. It has lots of formulas and points to be remembered. The whole chapter focuses on making you the master of evaluating limits.

The basic idea of limit is the closeness of any function to a specific value. We want to calculate how close it can be to that particular value. This chapter can be mastered quickly by first focusing on the formula section. This chapter will help you learn all the basics to advanced levels of operations on the limit with the help of well designed 11 exercises. These exercises comprise 133 questions, with some questions having 3-5 sub-parts as well.

The questions given in RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Solutions Chapter 29 exercises are divided in such a way that increases the level of difficulty gradually. The solutions are given based on the RD Sharma class 11 maths book and are specially made in a way to improve your problem-solving ability. The solutions provided by Instasolv are well planned by subject experts to make you completely understand the core concepts of this chapter.

Topics Covered in RD Sharma for Class 11 Maths Chapter 29 – Limits

The only topic that is discussed in this chapter is how to evaluate the limit. But it has all the possible variations in calculating the limits. The limits of regular functions to trigonometric functions are covered and some high-level concepts, which include fractions and Euler’s number. All these can be learned quickly, just be remembering the formula correctly. It has vast applications in further chapters of derivation and integration.

The main limits that you need to remember are :

  1. lim [fx + gx] = lim fx + lim gx: 
  2. lim [fx – gx] = lim fx – lim gx: 
  3. lim [fx * gx] = lim fx * lim gx : 
  4. lim [ fx/ gx ] = lim fx / lim gx
  5. lim nth root [ fx ] = nth root [ lim fx ]

These are the most basic rules of limits but will always come in handy even for questions with higher difficulty levels. These rules are explained with natural language and examples. The exercise is made to clear concepts more thoroughly and will help you in exams like JEE Main and JEE Advance. But for that, you need to go through every solution of RD Sharma. This chapter is straightforward once you start using all the formulas in the right places. It will help you score easy marks in exams. The proper application of those formulas is also an important thing to keep in mind, and solutions provided by Instasolv will help you clear that completely.

Discussion of Exercise of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 29 – Limits

  • The first exercise is a test of your basic knowledge by calculating some unknown values after applying the limit—some more questions deal with evaluating whether a limit exists or not.
  • The second exercise focuses on evaluating limits on the fraction of first and second degree only. They are of an easy level.
  • From the third exercise onwards, the evaluation of limits gets more complicated. Now limits have to be calculated on equations of higher degree and more complicated fractions. Further moving, you will face the use of under-root in questions as well.
  • The fifth exercise works on a much higher degree. There is mostly the use of many identities, which can reduce these equations to a lower degree.
  • From exercise 7 onwards, you will work on trigonometric functions to calculate the limits. It will get more complicated, but nothing that can’t be solved using formulas and identities.

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