RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 1 Solutions (Rational Numbers)

RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 1 ‘Rational Numbers’ contain various exercises related to the basic concepts and essential fundamentals of the chapter. These concepts are rational numbers, reciprocals, different properties of rational numbers such as associativity, commutativity, closure property, relations between two rational numbers and negation of rational numbers. The theory explanations of these topics along with detailed examples are also included in the chapter.

There are 8 exercises in the chapter with 63 practice questions. All of the exercises are very well organized to ensure that all the essential portions of the chapter are revised and practised through them. There is a combination of easy, difficult and higher-order thinking questions included in the exercises of this chapter.

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Important Topics of RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 1 – Rational Numbers

Rational Numbers 

In this chapter, you will learn about the term “rational numbers”. Rational Numbers are numbers that can be written in the form of p/q, where both p and q tend to be integers. The denominator in this layout i.e. q is a non – zero quantity.  You will also learn about various properties of rational numbers. Some of these properties are –

  1. Rational numbers are closed under addition based on the theory that by adding up two values which are rational we will get the answer that will also be rational. 
  2. Rational numbers are also closed under subtraction keeping the fact that on performing subtraction on any two rational numbers the outcome will also be a rational number. 
  3. Rational numbers are closed under multiplication again working on the fact that the product of two rational numbers will also be a rational number. 
  4. Rational numbers are not closed under division. Excluding zero, all the rational numbers are not closed under division.  

Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers and Integers

In your junior classes, you would have read about the various categories of numbers. In this chapter, you will have a revision of all the formerly learned concepts with regards to numbers and the applications that they go through. You will learn about natural numbers, real numbers, integers and rational numbers

Multiplicative Identity

In this chapter, you will come across the concept of multiplicative identity. An identity which when multiplied to value, does not hamper its initial value is known as a multiplicative identity. In the case of rational numbers, their multiplicative identity is -1. The chapter exercise has numerous questions which are based on this simple concept and can help you score very easily. 

Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 1 – Rational Numbers

Exercise 1.1

  • It consists of 4 questions and each question has sub-parts. These questions are basic in nature. 
  • There are questions where you need to perform basic arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction on rational numbers. 
  • You are also asked to simplify the given rational numbers. The concept of mixed fractions is also involved in solving these questions. 

Exercise 1.2

  • The second exercise consists of 6 questions. Here the questions are a bit complicated and have more terms in every equation. 
  • The exercise has questions where you need to observe the given statement and then produce answers. For example, in question 4, you need to give the additive inverse of the given values. It is a very simple question and can fetch you marks without many efforts.

Exercise 1.3

  • The third exercise has logic-based word problems. In questions three of this exercise, you are given a case where the sum of two numbers and one of the numbers is provided to you and you are required to find the other one. 

Exercise 1.4 

  • This exercise has a total of three questions
  • These questions are based on the simplification of the different numerical expressions.

Exercise 1.5 

  • In this exercise, you will encounter questions which require the expressions of rational numbers in their standard form. 

Exercise 1.6 

  • This exercise is very important from the examination point of view. You are required to verify the given equations by solving them.  
  • These questions might appear a bit confusing but with constant practice, you can easily gain command over them. 
  • The last exercise of the chapter contains an amalgam of all kinds of questions discussed in the previous exercises.

Exercise 1.7 

  • In this exercise, you will find logical and analytical questions
  • There are questions like question number 3 where the product of two rational numbers is provided and you are required to find the two values. 

Exercise 1.8 

  • The last exercise of the chapter consists of seven questions.
  • Here you will be provided with different limits of numbers and you will be asked to find a certain set of rational numbers that lie between the limits.

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