RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 12 Solutions (Percentage)

RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions for Chapter 12 ‘Percentage’ are an additional discussion regarding percentage related problems that you have studied in earlier classes. This chapter will help you revise the concepts of percentage as a ratio, percentage as a fraction, percentage in decimal form and finding the percentages. There are 2 exercises with a total of 27 questions in the chapter.

RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions for Chapter 12 contains both formula-based and conceptual questions related to percentages that will help you in understanding other Maths Chapters in Class 8. The questions related to applications of percentages are very important from the CBSE exam point of view. Practising the RD Sharma exercises will help you form a solid base of the chapter and will eventually increase your problem-solving skills.

RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions for Chapter 12 are provided by our subject matter experts in a way that you can understand the concepts of the chapter easily. We have solved all the solutions in a step by step procedure to make the topics simple for you. Our aim is to cover all the concepts of the chapter in the given RD Sharma exercises so that you can be well prepared for your exams.

Important Topics for RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 12: Percentage

Percentage: Percentage is any proportion in relation to a whole quantity. There are two types of percentages:

Increased Percentage 

  • The increased percentage is calculated by subtracting the final value and initial value.
  • Increased percentage = final value – initial value/ initial value x 100%

Decreased Percentage

  • The decreased percentage is found by calculating the difference between the initial and final value.
  • Decreased percentage = initial value – final value / initial value x 100%

Percentage and Estimation

  • In these questions, the percentage is calculated when the corresponding quantity is given. See the example below.
  • If your bill in a shop is Rs 577.80 and the shopkeeper gives you a discount of 15% the estimate to be paid is calculated by rounding off the bill to the nearest tens i.e 580, finding 10% of it i.e 10/100 x 580 = 58, now take half of it that will be ½ x 58 = 29. Now add both the amounts 58+29 = 87. Therefore your bill is reduced by Rs 87.

How to convert a percentage into fraction and visa versa?

  • The first step is to divide the per cent by 100. For example, if the number is 7% then you will write it like 7/100.
  • However, if the percentage is in decimals then you are required to multiply it in order to remove the decimals. For example, if there is only one number after the decimal then multiply by 10 if there are two numbers after the decimal then multiply by 100 to make it a whole number.
  • Then you simplify the fraction. 
  • Similarly, to convert the fraction into a percentage you first multiply the upper fraction by 100. For example- if the fraction is ⅝ then multiple 5 to 100 then divide from 8 i.e ⅝ x 100 = 500/8 = 62.5%.

How to convert Ratio to Percentage and visa versa?

  • To convert the ratio to a percentage we first convert the ratio in fraction form. For example, if the ratio is 12:4 then you will write it like 12/4. 
  • Then we convert the fraction into a percentage by multiplying 12 from 100 then divide 1200 to 4. ( 12/4 x 100 = 1200/4. = 300% 
  • Now, to convert any percentage into a ratio. For example, the ratio of 50% will be 50/100 = 5/10 or 5:10.

How to convert Percentage into Decimal and vice versa?

  • To convert percentage into a decimal you are required to divide the percentage by 100. For example- decimal form of 20% will be 20/100 = 1.5
  • Similarly, to convert a decimal into percentage multiply it by 100 and use the % symbol.

Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 12: Percentage

  • Class 8 Maths RD Sharma solutions for chapter 12 help in solving the problems of percentage such as expressing percentage in a ratio, a fraction, in decimal form, and finding percentage numbers.
  • There are 2 exercises in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 12. There are overall 27 questions in both the exercises. 
  • The first exercise comprises 3 questions. You are required to express the given number as a percentage, or converting the percentages to fractions and ratios, as well as expressing the percentage as decimal fractions.
  • The second exercise comprises 24 questions that are based on real-life situations and require a proper understanding of the chapter. In these questions, you are required to find the monthly income or the total marks of examination making use of the concepts described in the chapter.

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