RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 2 Solutions (Powers)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 2 ‘Powers’ comprise all the necessary information that is required to develop a firm understanding of the chapter. In this chapter, you will learn various topics like negative identities, simplification of powers, decimal representation, exponential notation, negative powers, shifting decimals, and simplifying exponential values.

The numerous theoretical explanations are included in the chapter that is supported with stepwise examples to ensure that you understand all the fundamentals of the chapter in a clear manner. There are 3 exercises and 25 questions in this chapter. All of these questions are a great way to engage with the chapter and have a thorough preparation for exam purposes. The exercises cover observational, logical and application-based questions.

Instasolv’s RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 2 ‘Powers’ are formulated in a very student-friendly manner and easy language. The subject experts have left no stone unturned in providing exceptional guidance for a fruitful and productive learning experience. Once you indulge with these solutions you will realize that the chapter is not much difficult and you can easily attempt questions from the chapter in your exams.

Important Topics of RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions for Chapter 2 – Powers

Comparison of very large and very small numbers with the help of exponents 

In this chapter, you will encounter many values with negative or positive power notations which are extremely big or extremely small. In such cases it becomes very difficult to judge the values in their original form and to resolve this issue, the chapter has an entire segment where we will learn about conversion of two different values into values with similar exponents. This makes it more feasible to study them as well as express them. The chapter has detailed explanations of these concepts and the exercises have many questions where you will get to utilize this concept. 

Removing Negative Exponents in case of fractions 

In the chapter, you will learn that in order to remove the negative power from a fractional value you can simply write it in a format where you reciprocate the number. There are many examples given in the chapter where this method has been used. 

Laws of Exponents 

In this chapter, you will also learn about the different fundamentals of exponents and ways of solving them. One such basic dealt in the chapter is the law of exponents. This law states that in case of any non – zero integer a, am x a = am+n and here both m and n are natural numbers. In case of integers, any non – zero integer a, am x a = am+n and here m and n are integer values. This formula will be used while solving the exponential equations and you will encounter numerous questions based on them. It is also very essential from the exam point of view and can help you in increasing your score considerably.

Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 2 – Powers

Exercise 2.1

  • The first exercise of the chapter contains 8 questions. All these questions revolve around the introductory concepts of the chapter. 
  • In this exercise, there are questions where you have to simplify the expressions and express them as rational numbers. These questions are not very difficult and can easily help you increase your score in exams. 
  • This exercise requires you to utilize your knowledge about the property of power of natural numbers. 

Exercise 2.2

  • The second exercise contains 15 questions which are slightly complicated. The very first question of the exercise is a fractional equation with negative exponents. You are required to reciprocate the fractions to turn the power positive or multiply them following the basic multiplication rules to derive the answer. 
  • You are likely to make silly mistakes in these kinds of questions due to their confusing values, but with practice, you will gain command over them. 

Exercise 2.3

  • The last exercise contains only 2 questions. These are very simple in terms of calculation and logic. All you need is a basic understanding of all the concepts that have been discussed in the chapter. 
  • For instance, there is a question where you are required to express the given number in a standard form by moving the decimal points. 
  • The last question consists of numbers which are multiplied with negative powers of ten and you are required to write them in decimal format. 

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