RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 5 Solutions (Playing With Numbers)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 5 ‘Playing With Numbers’ include all the important fundamentals which are necessary to develop an understanding of the chapter. The chapter has theoretical explanations for all the concepts along with simple and detailed examples which make it easy to follow the theory. The chapter deals with concepts like cryptarithms, number games, last digit analysis, probability, arrangements of numbers, etc.

RD Sharma Class 8 Maths Solutions Chapter 5 ‘Playing With Numbers’ has a total of 4 exercises and 24 questions. All the questions added to the exercise aim at polishing your command on the basics of the chapter and helping you have a thorough revision of the same. There are observational, analytical, and conceptual and logic-based questions in the chapter.

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Important Topics of RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions for Chapter 5 – Playing With Numbers

Number Games 

As the name of this chapter indicates, here you will learn about different ways of playing around with numbers by performing numerous mathematical applications like division, subtraction, multiplication etc.  Some of the prominent numbers of games that you will learn in this chapter are –

  1. Forming numbers with certain given digits – there are exercises and questions in the chapter where you will be given some numbers of three digits each and you will be asked to form more numbers from them. Similar concepts with respect to four-digit numbers are also tackled in the chapter and have been well explained through the examples. 
  2. Reversing the numbers – in the chapter, you will learn many tricks like the one where you can reverse a two-digit number and perform certain applications on it in a set algorithm to obtain a certain answer which will be a multiple of that number. You will also learn a similar trick in case of three-digit numbers and the way you will reverse them. 
  3. Letters to digits – there are many interesting exercises where you will learn to replace letters denoting certain digits and hence find the missing numbers. You will learn about this in the chapter via explanations and examples.


Along with the number of tricks, in this chapter, you will learn the distinctiveness of numbers which make them divisible by certain digits. For instance, any number whose last digit is an even number will get divided by 2. 

Similarly in the case of divisibility by 3, if the sum of the number is divisible by 3 then no matter how large the number is, it will be divisible by 3. Through this concept, you will be able to judge numbers by looking at their sum or their last digit.

Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 5 – Playing With Numbers

Exercise 5.1 


  • The exercise has 4 questions which are all simple and are based on the introductory concepts from the chapter.
  • The exercise begins with a question which puts your logical skills to test as you are asked to solve the given word problem. It deals with reversing the digits and finding their quotient.
  • Question 4 of the exercise deals with variables and here again, you are required to apply the logic about reversing digits and divisibility. 



Exercise 5.2 


  • This exercise has 13 questions. The questions given in the exercise are based on structure and organization of the digits on the basis of which, the word problems have to be solved.
  • Question 10 of the exercise has a three-digit number and a word-based equation where the sum of all the numbers at odd places and the sum of all the numbers at even places have been used to derive the required answer. 



Exercise 5.3 


  • This is the last exercise of the chapter and has a total of 7 questions.
  • The exercise has questions based on possibility and probability.
  • Question number two of the exercise is a word problem from which you will have to derive two possibilities and solve the equations formed after analyzing both of them. Once both the equations are solved you are required to analyse whether they are possible or not and then produce the final answer from the equations. 



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