RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 6 Solutions (Algebraic Expressions And Identities)

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 6 ‘Algebraic Expressions’  is a great formulation of all the vital concepts of the chapter. This chapter covers topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of algebraic terms, multiplication of monomials, multiplication of binomials, identities, etc.

The chapter has a total of 7 exercises and 116 questions. It includes exercises from simple to complex levels in terms of deriving answers and applying fundamentals learned from the chapter of RD Sharma Solutions. All the topics have been explained extensively through theory and detailed examples in the chapter but there can be times when you face difficulties in solving the questions of the chapter. 

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Important Topics of RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions for Chapter 6 – Algebraic Expressions and Identities

Coefficients and Factors

  • In RD Sharma Class 8 Chapter 6 ‘Algebraic Expressions and Identities’, you will learn two important terms related to an Algebraic Expression – Factors and Coefficients. 
  • Taking an example of the expression 9x + 3, you will see that it comprised of only two terms which are 9x and 3. It is these terms here that are added in order to form an expression. 
  • These terms can be formed as the product of factors for example 9x is the product of its factors 9 and x whereas 3 is made of one factor which is the digit itself. 
  • The coefficient is the numerical factor of every term. For example, the coefficient for the term 9x is 9. 


  • In this chapter, you will also learn the basics of algebraic expressions and their terms. The algebraic expressions which have just one term are known as monomials, for example 6x. 
  • Algebraic expressions which have two terms are known as binomials, for example, 9x+1. 
  • In case if an expression has three terms they are known as trinomials for example 8x+4y+3. 
  • The algebraic expressions which are comprised of more than one term with non-zero coefficients are termed as a polynomial.  
  • You will also learn to perform different mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of these polynomials, monomials, binomials, and trinomials in the chapter exercises. 

Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 6 – Algebraic Expressions and Identities

Exercise 6.1

  • The exercise has 2 questions. These questions are very simple and require you to identify the coefficients given in each term. 
  • The first exercise has six parts and the second one has twelve parts.
  • In the second exercise, you are required to identify whether the given expression is a binomial, monomial, or a trinomial.

Exercise 6.2 

  • This exercise comprises of a total of 7 questions.
  • It begins with a question that has six subparts where you are provided with different algebraic expressions and you are required to add them.
  • The second question of the exercise is also similar except the fact that here you are required to subtract the given expressions. 

Exercise 6.3

  • The third exercise comprises a total of 26 questions.
  • In this exercise, you are primarily required to perform multiplication between the given algebraic expressions. 
  • In some of the questions, you are also required to verify the product for a given set of values. 

Exercise 6.4

  • This exercise has 20 questions where you are required to simplify the given algebraic expressions.

Exercise 6.5

  • There are 32 questions in the exercise. You are asked to multiply polynomials and simplify the equations in the exercise questions.

Exercise 6.6

  • There are a total of 20 questions in this exercise.
  • In these questions, you are required to observe the given algebraic expressions and prove that the right-hand values are equal to the left-hand values.
  • These questions are very important from the examination point of view.

Exercise 6.7

  • The last exercise has 2 questions in which there are different algebraic expressions and you are required to evaluate them accordingly.

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