RD Sharma Class 9 Chapter 2 Solutions (Exponents Of Real Numbers)

RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions for Chapter 2 are formulated to guide you in solving the exercise questions in this chapter effortlessly. This chapter is an extension of the previous chapter that covered the ‘number systems’. In this chapter of RD Sharma Solutions, you will learn about the laws of exponents of real numbers besides getting ample opportunity to become proficient in the operations performed on real numbers. It is highly recommended that you practice these topics in detail to gain full marks in your exams.

There are 2 exercises in this chapter containing 10 questions in total with an additional theoretical exercise comprising 5 questions. The questions are diverse in nature consisting of mathematical statements to be proved. You will get to simplify some given algebraic expressions or rational numbers. There is a major application of rules of operations performed on rational numbers. Practising these exercise questions will improve your ability in figuring out the correct formula for any particular type of question. The exercise questions in Chapter 2 of Class 9 RD Sharma book will also give you an idea about the latest pattern of questions asked in CBSE exams.

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Important Topics for RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 2: Exponents of Real Numbers

Introduction to Operations of Real Numbers

Some operations on real numbers exhibit the closure property while some operations do not. That means,

  1. If we add or subtract a rational number and an irrational number, what we get is an irrational number.
  2. If we multiply or divide a rational number and an irrational number, we get an irrational number.
  3. Whereas if we perform these operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division on irrational numbers, what we get is an either an irrational or a rational number in the result.

Identities for Real Numbers

All the above identities are valid when a and b are considered as positive real numbers.

Laws of Exponents of Real Numbers

In the case of real numbers, if we consider p and q as rational numbers and ‘a’ a real number such thata>0, then the following laws are applicable:

Exercise Discussion for RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 2: Exponents of Real Numbers

  1. In exercise 2.1, there are questions based on verification and proving of mathematical statements related to exponents of real numbers. There are also complex simplification exponents-based problems in this exercise.
  2. There are 4 questions in total in the second exercise 2.2. These are the simplification exercises based on extensive application of identities of operations on real numbers and law of exponents of real numbers.
  3. Lastly, VSAQs are 6 in number and consist of miscellaneous problems including definitions of different number systems, simplification of complex mathematical statements, and verification of questions.
  4. The questions in the exercises of RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions are such that you will get to complete the whole chapter from your syllabus comprehensively leaving no stone unturned for getting highest marks in maths.

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