RD Sharma Class 9 Chapter 25 Solutions (Probability)

RD Sharma Solutions For Class 9 Chapter 25 ‘Probability’ helps you learn and understand various terminologies, terms and questions related to the chapter. In this chapter of RD Sharma Class 9 Maths Solutions, you will encounter various types of coin-based questions, card types, Dice types, and so on. We have prepared the solutions to each question of all the exercises present in this chapter. You can refer to our RD Sharma Solutions for better accuracy and time management during CBSE exams. 

Chapter 25 of RD Sharma Class 9 Solutions for Chapter 25 is segregated into two Exercises. These are named as- exercise 25.1 which has very short answer questions.  Exercise 25.1 has 7 odd questions whereas 4 are very short answer questions. They are based on the concepts covered in probability

Considering the importance of probability, you must also practise from Reference books such as RD Sharma Solutions. RD Sharma textbook has a variety of questions which will help you make your concepts strong. Therefore, we suggest you make use of solving questions from RD Sharma reference book. You could also refer to our solutions, that will boost your confidence over the concepts as well as can act as perfect self-help guidance for you to understand Chapter 25: Probability.

Important topics of RD Sharma Solutions For Chapter 25: Probability

This chapter has some interesting concepts. We will see a few of the important definitions or concepts that will help you solve the questions involved in this chapter. Let’s discussed that-

Before coming to the concepts you should have a brief knowledge about what the probability is?

So, Probability is nothing, can say a possibility or chances of getting an outcome. In other words a likeliness of an event to occur. It ranges between 0 to 1 at which 0 means that, no chances of getting an outcome whereas 1 means that, 100 % chances of an event to occur. 

P(E) = No.of trials in which event can happened / No.of trials(n)

 Let’s see its definition with an example-

Like if you talk about the toss of a coin. You know, there are head and tail two sides in a coin, which means that there are only two possible outcomes. So, the probability of getting a head is equal to the probability of getting a tail and it is 1/ 2, Since there are no other outcomes.

 Some important terminologies in probability-

       Let’s see some terminologies used in this chapter-

 Sample space-  It is nothing, you can say a set of all possible chances or outcomes is considered as a sample space

For Example-  A toss of a coin has two possible outcomes: heads(H) or tails(T). Thus, sample space(S) = { H, T }

Experiment or  Trial-  As the name suggests, there is an uncertainty in the possible outcomes.

 Events-  Events are considered as a subset of sample space. Like, if you roll a dice. You know there are 6 possible outcomes are there i.e. S = { 1,2 ,3 ,4, 5, 6 }. In events, the outcomes can be of which belong to sample space. Therefore, { 1,2,3} or { 2, 3 ,6} are all events.

 Events are of three types-

  • Favourable Event.
  • Unfavourable Event.
  • Complimentary Event.                                                                                                                       

 If event E1 occurs only if event E does not occur then event E1 is considered as a complementary event of event E.

P(E) + P(E’) = 1

Null- set – It is an impossible event, denoted by null factor Φ

 Exercise Discussion of RD Sharma Solutions for Chapter 25: Probability

  • As mentioned above, there are two exercises in RD Sharma Solutions for Chapter 25: Probability that will help you grasp the concepts of the chapter.
  • Exercise 25.1 of Chapter 25 in RD Sharma Class 9 solutions has 7 questions based on the several properties involved in probabilities. These questions will judge you on the various approaches of probability- Experimental or Empirical.
  • Exercise VSAQs has four very short answer type questions. In these questions, you need to give a one or two-line definition of various terminologies involved in this chapter like Trial, Event, Elementary event, and so on.

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