Fundamentals of Physics Chapter 37 Solutions: Relativity

Halliday Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of Physics Volume 2 Solutions for Chapter 37 ‘Relativity’ is an excellent source to learn and practice different types of questions in relativity across physics. These solutions include plenty of problems along with detailed answers and explanations, making it an appropriate choice for aspirants preparing for class 12 board exams and other competitive examinations such as IIT JEE and NEET. While going through the chapter of Resnick Halliday solutions, you will come across several crucial topics such as postulates of relativity, simultaneity, Lorentz transformation and its consequences, Doppler effect for light and its types, momentum and energy in a different inertial frame of reference.

Resnick Halliday and Walker Solutions for Relativity consists of a total of 103 questions for your practice. These questions are divided across 6 modules and another section called ‘additional questions’ which require higher thinking and problem-solving skills. All these exercise questions of Relativity aim at preparing you to solve questions above-average level. Upon solving these problems you will know more about the influence of relativity across time, length and velocity, Momentum and energy and also derive an equation between these two and much more.

Solving these questions frequently not only will give you a better understanding of Relativity but will also immensely boost your confidence in physics during JEE and NEET preparations. Addressing these questions can be tricky sometimes and hence will require help. But thanks to Instasolv that has detailed solutions for each problem covered in Resnick Halliday and Walker Physics book. We have provided solved answers for Relativity by highly qualified teachers and experts aiming for simplicity and a detailed explanation for every problem.

Important topics for Halliday Resnick and Walker  Volume 2 Solutions Chapter 37 Relativity

The following chapter has many vital topics to be covered. You must include the following topics to your preparations.

The relativity of time- The relativity of time or time dilation refers to the difference in time observed between two events among observers at a different speed.

The relativity of length- Just like time dilation, the size of the objects also appears to be changing towards the direction of the motion in case of relative speeds.

The Lorentz transformation- When two coordinate frames are moving at a constant velocity to each other, then the change of the coordinates is referred to as Lorentz transformation.

The relativity of velocity- Here, we use Lorentz transformation equations to derive the relation between two velocities, which are different inertial frames.

The Doppler effect for light- In the following section, get detailed about the Doppler effect caused by light due to its relative motion and derive an equation using the relative velocity and frequency of the light source.

Momentum & Energy- This section will give you a new view of Momentum and Energy. In classical mechanics, the overall momentum of the system was conserved, which is not in case of the inertial frame of reference. The Momentum observed here differs from the classical momentum by the Lorentz factor, which you have studied earlier in the chapter.

Looking forward to the energy section, you will learn about mass-energy equivalence and would be able to evaluate Einstein’s famous equation further. At the end of this module, you will be able to derive a relation between the Momentum and Energy (kinetic energy), which can be an essential topic from the chapter as seen from exam’s preparation view.

Exercise Discussion for Halliday Resnick and Walker  Volume 2 Solutions Chapter 37: Relativity

As mentioned in the beginning, the Halliday Resnick and Walker fundamentals of physics volume 2 solutions Chapter 37 relativity consists of 6 modules along with 103 questions for the given modules, also including additional problems which are focused on clearing your doubts regarding any concepts of Relativity in physics.

  • Module 37.1 details you about the postulates (the relative postulate and the speed of light postulate) and the relativity of time. The module has seven questions alongside the topics to practice and build a firm grasp.
  • In Module 37.2, you will learn and derive equations for the interdependency of length concerning the relative velocity between the objects.
  • In Module 37.3, learn about Lorentz transformation, and hence you would be able to solve most of the practice questions (11 questions) offered for this section.
  • In Module 37.4 of the chapter, you will learn about the relative velocities and also derive equations for two speeds in different inertial reference frames.
  • Module 37.5 will let you know more about the Doppler effect caused by the light, and you can solve various problems by implementing the equation between the frequency and relative speed of the light source and observer.
  • After solving the additional problems given in Resnick Halliday & Walker Relativity,  you will be able to know more about Momentum and Energy (Kinetic Energy). You will know more about Mass-Energy equivalence and hence derive a relation between them.

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