RS Aggarwal Class 10 Chapter 13 Solutions (Trigonometric Identities)

RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions for Chapter 13 ‘Trigonometric Identities’ is one of the best supplementary study resources for a thorough revision of the chapter. Once you have gone through your NCERT Maths textbook or your other course books and practised all the questions, you must refer to the RS Aggarwal book for a variety of practice questions. 

In RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions for Chapter 13, you will learn some very important trigonometric identities that will not only be helpful in your board exams but also in higher classes. There are 3 exercises in this chapter and 92 questions with 53 multiple-choice questions. These questions involve the usage of trigonometric identities to find the value of given trigonometric rations. 

While revising the chapter, you might feel that the problems are quite complicated and difficult. It can get quite overwhelming, and you may not be able to crack the questions all by yourself. At this time, RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 13 can be very helpful. They will guide you through the concepts of the chapter and will prepare you to face even the most complicated questions during the exams. Solving the tricky questions of the chapter will boost your confidence and provide you with a better grasp of the chapter. 

Important topics for RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 13: Trigonometric Identities

  • RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 13 lets you know that:
    • sin A = side opposite to angle A /Hypotenuse
    • cos A = side adjacent to angle A/hypotenuse
    • tan A = side opposite to angle A/ side adjacent to angle A
  • In RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter – ‘Trigonometric Identities’, you will get to understand that if one of the trigonometric ratios of an acute angle is given to you, then you can easily determine the remaining trigonometric ratios.
    • cosec A = 1/sin A ; sec A = 1/cos A ; tan A = 1/cot A, tan A = sin A /cos A
  • Also, you will get to know the values for different trigonometric ratios for angles of 0 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that the value of sec A or cosec A is always greater than or equal to 1. While the value of sin A or cos A never exceeds 1.
    • sin2A + cos2A = 1
    • sec2A – tan2A = 1
    • cosec2A = 1 + cot2A
    • sin (90° – A) = cos A, cos (90° – A) = sin A
    • tan (90° – A) = cot A, cot (90° – A) = tan A
    •  sec (90° – A) = cosec A, cosec (90° – A) = sec A

Exercise Discussion for RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions Chapter 13: Trigonometric Identities

Exercise 13A 

There are 37 questions in the exercise based on trigonometric identities. Most of them are proof-based questions where you will have to prove that LHS is equal to RHS using different trigonometric identities. Solving these questions requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of the trigonometric identities.

Exercise 13B 

It has 15 proof-based questions. These questions are far more complicated than the questions of the first exercise as they involve lengthy calculations and relatively more number of steps. These questions involve the intense use of trigonometric identities in a step by step manner.

Exercise 13C 

There are 40 questions in this exercise where you need to solve the given trigonometric equations. You will be able to solve these questions easily if you are well-versed with the trigonometric identities. 

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