RS Aggarwal Class 10 Chapter 16 Solutions (Area of Circle, Sector and Segment)

RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions Chapter 16 ‘Area of Circle, Sector, and Segment’ is designed in such a way to give the best assistance for Class 10 board exam preparation. This chapter of RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions covers a variety of topics like the area of a circle, its sector, and the segment. Many parts of the circle are discussed as well. The areas of a combination of some plane figure are also covered. For practice purpose, many problems on sector and segment of circles and real-life applications are also given in this chapter. 

This chapter has two well-thought exercises and a total of 57 questions for complete revision and better learning. On solving problems given in the exercises you will be able to find the area of a circle if its circumference is given. In some questions, the sum of radii of two circles and the difference of their circumferences is given and you are asked to find the circumferences of the circles. All these questions are important for your exams. They enable you to easily score full marks as they are easy to understand and follow. 

We have given step by step solutions to all the exercises of Chapter 16 of RS Aggarwal Class 10 book for your understanding. These smart and systematic solutions are a perfect guide to enhance your knowledge about the chapter and learn how to solve all kinds of problems related to the chapter. All the solutions are easy to access and 100% accurate. 

Important topics for RS Aggarwal Class 10 Maths Solutions Chapter 16: Area of Circle, Sector and Segment

Area of a Circle

The area of a circle is always equal to πr2, where π=22/7 or ≈3.14 and r is known as the radius of the circle.

Circumference of a circle

The perimeter of any circle is always the distance that is covered by going around its boundary, which is also known as the circumference. The formula gives it 2πr

The segment of a circle

When a secant or a chord cut a circle, then the remaining portion of the circle is called the segment of the circle.

A sector of a circle

The region of a circle circumscribed by an arc and two radii is known as the sector of a circle. The smaller sphere is identified as the minor sector, and the larger sphere is termed the major sector. The angle confined between the two radii of the sector is known as the angle of a sector.

Length of an arc of a sector

The circumference of a circle and the angle of the sector is used to calculate the length of the arc of a sector, using the following formula:

L= (θ/360°)×2πr

where r is the radius of the circle, and θ is known as the angle of the sector.

Area of a Sector of a Circle

The following formula gives it

Ar = (θ/360°)×πr2

where ∠θ is the angle of this sector and r is its radius

Areas of Different Plane Figures

  • Area of a square (side a) = a2
  • Area of a rectangle = l×b, where l and b are the length and breadth of the rectangle
  • Area of a parallelogram = b×h, where b is the base, and ‘h’ is the perpendicular height.
  • Area of a trapezium =[(a+b)×h]/2, where a & b are the length of the parallel sides and h is the height
  • Area of a rhombus = cd/2, where c & d are the diagonals of a rhombus

Exercise Discussion of RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 16 Area of Circle, Sector and Segment

Exercise 16A 

This exercise consists of 30 questions, out of which the first ten are based on finding the area and circumference of the circle. After this, some problems are about finding the length of the arc and area of the sector. Some questions are also based on finding the are of major and minor segments of the circle. Towards the end, some practical application-based questions are given about area and circumference.

Exercise 16B 

This exercise has 27 questions in total. The first few questions are challenging levels of area and circumference. Later on, some problems are on finding the length of the arc and radii of the circle. There is also a question on the ratio of area and finding the ratio of the radius. Some figures were inscribed, and area calculation is asked. The practical issue on finding the length of pendulum and area swept by the minute and the hour hand is urged towards the end of the exercise. 

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