RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 12 Solutions (Geometrical Progression)

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Chapter 12 of Class 11 RS Aggarwal Book has around 8 exercises with almost 90 questions. All the questions are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern as well as other competitive exam patterns like JEE, NEET, etc. The chapter covers different topics like geometrical progression, the nth term from the end of GP, problems on geometrical progression, word problems on GP, geometric mean, Infinite geometric series, etc.

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Important Topics for RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 12

Geometrical Progression

In mathematics, a geometric progression referred to as a geometric sequence. It is a sequence of numbers where each term after the first is a result of multiplying the previous number by a fixed non zero number. For example, sequence 3, 9, 27,…. Is a geometric progression with common ratio 3.

The general form of a Geometrical Progression 

The general form of a G.P. is a1, a1r, a1r2, a1r3, a1rn-1, a1rn-1

What is a general (nth) term of a GP?

For example, the different terms of a geometric progression are a1, a2, a3, am, …… an.

All these terms, according to the first term, give us, 

      a1 = a1

      a2= a1r

      a3= a2r = (a1r)r = a1r2

      an= a1rn-1

The common ratio of a GP

You get the common ratio of geometric progression by dividing any term by the preceding term: r = a2 / a1

What is the sum of first n terms of a geometric progression?

To calculate the sum of first n term of a GP we use the following formula:

Sn= a1(1- rn) / (1-r )

Where r = 1. Here n is the number of terms, a1 is the first term and r is the common ratio.

Properties of Geometric Progression

Below listed are the different properties of a Geometric Progression:

  • If you multiply or divide a constant non zero term to each and every term of a G.P, then the resulting termination of the sequence is also in Geometrical Progression with a common difference.
  • In G.P, the reciprocal of all the terms in G.P, eventually form a GP. 
  • If all the terms in G.P are raised to the same power then the new series are also in G.P.
  • Three non-zero terms x, y, and z are in G.P if y2= xz. 

Other Things you will learn in the chapter are:

  • The common term of a GP
  • Finite and Infinite Geometric Progression 
  • Sum of n terms of a GP
  • Different examples based on different topics 

Exercise-Wise Discussion RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 12

  • Exercise 12A 

This exercise 12A has 18 questions in which you have to prove different situations asked in the questions, different number of terms and product of terms of a GP. 

  • Exercise 12C

This exercise 12C has 16 questions in which you have to find the common ratio, the sum of n terms of GP, a single term say 10th term of a GP and sum of geometric series. 

  • Exercise 12D

This exercise 12D has 6 questions. 

  • Exercise 12E

This exercise 12E has 10 questions in which you have to find different numbers of the GP, find values for x or k and prove different situations.

  • Exercise 12F

This exercise 12F has 9 Questions in which you have to find geometric and arithmetic mean in different questions

  • Exercise 12G

This exercise 12G has 13 questions in which you have to find, common ratio, write different values in a simple function, find a rational number, prove different situations, the sum of infinite series etc.

  • Exercise 12H

This exercise 12H has 13 questions like finding the common ratio, the number of terms, finding the sum of the first five terms of a GP, expressing ‘a’ as a rational number etc. 

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