RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 13 Solutions (Some Special Series)

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The chapter consists of 2 exercises with 34 questions in it. The questions cover the important topics of the chapter like the sum of first n natural numbers, the sum of the squares of first n natural numbers, sum of the cubes of first n natural numbers and sum of the cubes of first n odd natural numbers. These 34 questions along with numerous solved examples are all to study for this chapter. Moreover, solving these many questions gives you a good practice of questions related to this chapter.

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Important topics in chapter 13- Some Special Series

This chapter explains students in detail about some special series, other than Arithmetic progression and Geometric progression. Students find Some Special Series easy to understand. Some topics discussed in this chapter are as follows:

  • The sum of first n natural numbers.

  • The sum of the squares of first n natural numbers.

  • The sum of the cubes of first n natural numbers.

  • The sum of the cubes of first n odd natural numbers.

These topics are step by step explained including the definitions that you will find easy to understand. There are practice exercises also that help students to build a strong base of the chapter. 

Exercise wise discussion

There are a total number of 2 exercises in this chapter. Exercise A and B with a total number of 25 questions in exercise A and 9 questions in exercise B.

Exercise 13A

In exercise A, you have to find the sum of the series when the nth term is given, prove different situations as asked in the questions. Also, find the values if the sum of cubes of first and natural numbers is given.

Exercise 13B

In this exercise, you have to find the sum of series as asked in the question, find the values, find the sum of geometric series and find the sum of n terms if rth term is given.

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