RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 23 Solutions (Ellipse)

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Important Points of Chapter 23 – Ellipse

  • When the locus of a point in a plane that moves in such a way that the ratio of the distance from a fixed point in the same plane to its distance from a fixed straight line is always constant, then it is known as Ellipse.
  • If the coefficient of x2 has the larger denominator, then its major axis lies along the x-axis, then it is said to be a horizontal ellipse.
  • If centre of the ellipse is (h, k) and the direction of the axes are parallel to the coordinate axes, then its equation is (x – h)2 / a2 + (y – k)2 / b2 = 1
  • The locus of the point of intersection of perpendicular tangents to an ellipse is a director circle. If equation of an ellipse is x2 / a2 + y2 / b2 = 1, then equation of director circle is x2 + y2 = a2 + b2                                                       
  • The equation x = a cos φ, y = b sin φ, taken together are called the parametric equations of the ellipse x2 / a2 + y2 / b2 = 1 , where φ is any parameter
  • The equation of the tangent to the ellipse x2 / a2 + y2 / b2 = 1 at the point (x1, y1) is xx1 / a2 + yy1 / b2 = 1.
  • The points on the ellipse, the normals at which the ellipse passes through a given point are called co-normal points.
  • Two diameters of an ellipse are said to be conjugate diameters if each bisects the chords parallel to the other
  • The common chords of an ellipse and a circle are equally inclined to the axes of the ellipse.
  • The four normals can be drawn from a point on an ellipse.
  • If the equation of parabola has y2 then, the symmetrical axis is along the x-axis and if the equation of parabola has x2, then the symmetrical axis is along the y-axis.

Topics Covered Under Chapter 23 Ellipse

The following different topics are covered under this Chapter:

  • Major and Minor axes
  • Horizontal Ellipse
  • The ordinate and double ordinate
  • A special form of Ellipse
  • Vertical Ellipse
  • Position of a point with respect of Ellipse
  • Parametric equation
  • Equation of chord
  • The eccentric angle of a point
  • Conformal points 
  • Equation of normal
  • Equation of tangent

Important Formulas for Solving Questions 

  • For general form of ellipse: x²/a² + y²/b² = 1

Major Axis: 2a 

Minor Axis: 2b

Vertices: (±a, 0)

Foci: (±c, 0)

Eccentricity: e = c/a

Latus Rectum: 2b²/a

  • For general form of ellipse: x²/b² + y²/a² = 1

Major Axis: 2a 

Minor Axis: 2b

Vertices: (0, ±a)

Foci: (0, ±c)

Eccentricity: e = c/a

Latus Rectum: 2b²/a

Exercise Wise Discussion of RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 23 Ellipse

This exercise 23 has 26 questions in which you have to:

  • Solve the given equations
  • Solve the given equations using formulas
  • Solve the given equations by addition and subtraction
  • Find the equation of ellipse using the given vertices and foci
  • Find the equation of ellipse using the given major and minor axis

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