RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 28 Solutions (Differentiation)

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Important points of the Chapter Differentiation

  • The method of finding the derivative of a function is known as Differentiation.
  • Differentiation can also be said as the method of finding the instantaneous rate of change in a function based on one of its variables.
  • If the derivative f'(a) exists at every point in its domain, A function f in x is said to be differentiable at the point x = a.
  • If x and y are given as variables, then the rate of change of x with respect to y would be dy/dx.
  • There are 2 types of functions under Calculus – Linear, and Nonlinear.
  • A linear function is a function that varies with a constant rate through its domain.
  • In a nonlinear function, the rate of change of the function varies from one point to the other point.
  • A derivative is known as the rate of change of a given function at a specific point.
  • According to the chain rule of differentiation, 

If y = f(t) and t = g(x) then dy/dx = dy/dt x dt/dx

  • If y = f(x) is a function of x, then the rate of change of “y” per unit change in “x” is given by – dy/dx.
  • dy/dx is called Leibniz’s notation
  • Differentiation can also be known as the process of determining the derivative of a function at a point.

Topics Covered Under Chapter 28 Differentiation 

  • 2 types of functions
  • Differentiation in calculus
  • Differentiation formulas
  • Differentiation rules
  1. The sum or difference rule
  2. Product rule
  3. Quotient rule
  4. Chain rule
  • Algebra of differentiation

Important Differentiation Formulas used in the Chapter

  1. If f(x) = tan (x), then f’(x) = sec²x
  2. If f(x) = cos (x), then f’(x) = -sinx
  3. If f(x) = sin (x), then f’(x) = cosx
  4. If f(x) = In(x), then f’(x) = 1/x
  5. If f(x) = k, where k is given as a constant, then f’(x) = 0

Exercise Wise Discussion of RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 28 Differentiation

Exercise 28A

This exercise 28A has 6 questions in which you have to:

  • Differentiate the given functions

Exercise 28B

This exercise 28B has 12 questions in which you have to:

  • Find the derivation of the given derivative using the first principle.

Exercise 28C

This exercise 28C has 7 questions in which you have to:

  • Differentiate the given functions using the product rule.

Exercise 28D

This exercise 28D has 12 questions in which you have to:

  • Differentiate the given functions using the quotient rule.

Exercise 28E

This exercise 28E has 20  questions in which you have to:

  • Differentiate the given functions with respect to x, using the chain rule.

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