RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 3 Solutions (Functions)

RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 3 ‘Functions’ can be used to understand the important topics related to the chapter and to practice its concepts. This chapter is a little tricky for students but RS Aggarwal Solutions and explanations make it easy to understand and learn all the concepts. A relation ‘F’ is said to be a function if every element of a non-empty set has only one image or range to a non-empty set.

The chapter Functions consist of 6 exercises and each exercise contains 18-20 questions on an average. It contains the most important topics like types of functions, algebra of real functions, subtraction of a real function from another, multiplication by a scalar, multiplication of 2 real factors and quotients of 2 real functions. RS Aggarwal explains the solutions of all these topics in a way that makes it easy for students to grasp the concepts of the topic and the chapter. RS Aggarwal thus makes practice easy for students and challenges you with all types of questions from easy to difficult.

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Important Pints for RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 3

Defining Functions, we can say that a relation ’F’ from a set is said to be a function if every element of the first set has one and only one image in the other set. In this chapter, the different types of functions and certain operations on these functions are explained well by the RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Solutions to the questions. The solutions are detailed and are explained step by step so as to make the solution clear and easy for students.
 Important points of the chapter

  1. A relation formed from a set of inputs to a set of possible outputs where each input is related to exactly one output is called a Function.
  2. There are a total of 6 functions
  • Real-Valued function
  • Constant function
  • Polynomial function
  • Rational functional
  • Modulus function
  • Signum function

      Two different can have the same output as well, e.g. F(x) = x2, both -5 and 5 give output as 5.

  1. One input can’t have multiple outputs. Eg: input 3 will always give 9 in this case as output, it can’t give any other output.
  2. A real value function is when both range an R or subset of R (that is output is R buy not input) whereas real function is when both range and domain is an R or subset of R
  3. The domain and range of Real functions are explained in detail.

Concepts discussed in the Chapter 

  1. Equal function
  2. Real function
  3. Functions described as a special kind of relation
  4. Domain and range of real function
  5. Some of the standard real functions
  6. Graphs of some standard real functions
  7. Operations performed on real functions
  8. Domain, co-domain, and range of a function 

Exercise-Wise Discussion of RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 3

  • This chapter has 6 exercises with about 70 questions on an average which covers different topics of the syllabus. The exercises are 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F.
  • In exercise 3A there are some theory questions and also there are basic questions related to functions like expressing the function, finding the function, finding the value of the function, etc.
  • In exercise 3B there are questions related to finding the value of X and some function is given you have to prove the other function true.
  • In exercise 3C we need to find out the domain and range of the given functions.
  • In exercise 3D, you will have to find the domain, range of the function along with the graph of the function. 
  • In exercise 3E, you will have to find different things in the question like. Find: (f+g) (x).
  • In exercise 3F, you will have to find the set of values when different functions are equal. 

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